Richardt Nielsen is a talented singer/songwriter based in Denmark. At the age of eight, he picked up the guitar for the first time and sensed a real connection to the instrument. He was self taught and began to write songs based on his life experiences. Through his teen years, he was part of several bands and honed his performance skills. As an adult, he taught numerous aspiring music students and recorded many of their works. Later, his creative edge inspired him to pursue theater. At this time, his visions allowed him to create original musicals. A National tour soon followed.

A renaissance man, he felt the need to pursue music production, while continuing his passion for his music, that brought with that, many television appearances. As his popularity grew, he had the opportunity to develop many well known artists. As fate would have it, a European tour soon followed. His distinct vocal and natural approach to performing appealed to a broad audience.

His latest adventure came to light when he contacted Danie Cortese ( Celebrity Publicist & Promoter to the stars ) to assist him with some advice based on his current music status and where to go from there. He recorded a debut single with International music producer Tomas Brabec entitled “I fall in love”. This song is currently being promoted worldwide. “I love to work with great voices and kind hearts, says his publicist Danie Cortese & I see a great future for Richardt Nielsen.” Stay tuned for more.