Review from Tom Lambert – The Independent Music Show

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“I’ve had the pleasure of featuring Richardt Nielsen on my radio program and in my monthly magazine. Richardt is a very talented singer/songwriter who will go far in this business. My radio listeners approve!”

Tom Lambert
The Independent Music Show

Article in BigMusic News about “Fall in Love”


New article in BigMusic news about Richardt
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Concert at Sonderborghus May 2015 (danish)


Recording from Richard’s concert at Sonderborghus, DK – may 2015

Coming concerts

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Coming concerts
4. September – Sønderborg, DK
5. September – Sønderborg Ringriderplads; DK

Featured artist in The Independent Music Show Magazine – September 2015

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Great article about Richardt Nielsen in The Independent Music Show Magazine



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Promoter Danie Cortese about Richardt:)

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“Richardt Nielsen is one of the most talented artist/songwriters I have had the pleasure of working with and promoting over the last several months. His storytelling is straight from the……

I Fall In Love

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My new song I FALL IN LOVE will be released very soon

In the meantime go and watch my video on youtube:)


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This is my new website. I’m Richardt Nielsen – danish Singer-Songwriter.
This site is stil under construction, but will be up and running in a few days:)

Big hugs